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Kick-off November 18, 2022 930am-1100am PST (Zoom) (8 × 11 in)(1).png

Date of Event


Aiming for Fall 2024, the first event in this series will function as a pilot program.  If the event has enough participants and garners excitement and the desire for more, we will create a workshop series. The subsequent sessions will have a sliding scale fee, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Description of Series

This storytelling and writing series that will center the importance of Afrofuturism  and food, with intersectional focus on climate justice, Black racial justice, and sustainability future-- particularly within the context of the USA. In the USA, the 'future of food and tech' is centered around neoliberal and extractive capitalist methods with a disregard for racial justice and equity for indigenous people and descendants of enslaved Africans in the Americas.

In this bi-weekly series , Dr. Amie Breeze Harper will read a new chapter or sections from Seeds of Sankofa as well as other Afrofuturism texts (i.e. Octavia Butler). She will create prompts and questions for breakout room sessions for participants so they can write or outline ideas for their own literary projects. Participants will be able to explore creative ideas around food, climate, soil, and racial justice within the context of Afrofuturism.


This storytelling series is also connected to the upcoming 2024 virtual conference organized by Dr. Harper, "Afrofuturism as a Regenerative Future: Beyond the 'Cruelty-Free' Plantation Model of FoodTech" which can be found here:

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