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Dr. Amie “Breeze” Harper. Founder/ Director of DEI Strategic Consulting and Training


Dr. Harper holds a Masters in Educational Technologies from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in the social sciences from UC Davis (with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion). She is Critical Diversity Solutions’ founder and senior diversity analyst. Dr. Harper has a breadth of experience providing training and advising on diversity, organizational development, community engagement practices and organizational strategy for a range of social justice, food justice, and philanthropic organizations.


She provides strategic consulting, workshops, trainings, curriculum development, and lectures for universities, businesses, and non-profit organizations that want to integrate varying forms of diversity, equity, and inclusion to make structural change.













Elise Aymer. Partner. 

Elise Aymer has a background in strategic marketing and information technology. She has worked as a software project manager and as an account manager at interactive marketing firms, where she oversaw electronic marketing campaigns and helped create strategies for companies including Verizon, Citibank and Calvin Klein. With EN Consulting she has provided strategic planning, facilitation and community engagement services to public and private sector clients. An independent Internet and marketing consultant, for several years, she specialized in website design, branding, social media management and in helping small businesses and individuals to position and promote themselves through the use of traditional and digital media. Ms. Aymer has a B.A from Yale University.

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