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Apple Cranberry Smoothie

I’ve been making this all week.

It’s VERY good, and contains probiotic and antibacterial properties.

Apples are very good for digestive health and cranberries are excellent for urinary tract health.

Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature provides everything we need in plant foods?

It does come out rather sweet, so you’ll either need to add more cranberries or use less honey.


1 apple (seeds removed. Seeds contain cyanide compound)

1/2 cup cranberries

1/2 tb honey

6oz So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt (vanilla)

Blend until smooth.

I have a Vita-Mix, so I was able to throw in the entire apple – skin, seeds, and all – but you may want to use a food processor first to break down the apple or chop into very small pieces beforehand.

I also used fresh cranberries, which are in season but frozen works fine as well.

Once you decide to make something, it’s yours, so feel free to use the yogurt of your choice.

You might want to use ice if you’d like a colder smoothie.

I generally freeze the cranberries so that I don’t have to use ice.

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