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Black Female Vegans : Part I

I thought I’d put a list down of Black females who are coming out with books, services, and/or have internet sites that in some way, shape, or form, promote vegan diet and/or lifestyle.

Tracye McQuiter of By Any Greens Necessary is coming out with a book very soon. It will be targeted towards Black females and healthy eating. Check her out at .

What I love about the title of her work is that it is a reference to Malcolm X’s By Any Means Necessary (see YouTube link ).

Alicia Simpson is coming out with her recipe book, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food which I have had the pleasure to review. You can find out more about her at . She is also a contributor on the blog, Vegans of Color.

Afya Ibomu wrote the recent book, The Vegan Soul Food Guide

and has the hip website

Karyn’s Cooked is a vegan restaurant in Chicago. I ate there last June. I had not eaten bread pudding since before transitioning into veganism. I had the vegan one at Karyn’s Cooked and was in heaven! I had dreams about it for weeks. Check the restaurant out at:

Inky Loves Nature. If you are looking for vegan and natural products for your natural hairstyle, I highly recommend Inky Loves Nature . Shea butter is gold for afros! I swear!

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