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'Black people speak like morons and have low IQs': More 'well' researched conclu

“Also it’s fucking 2013. No one hates someone simply cause they’re black besides backwoods hillbillies. People hate other people cause of how they act, and when you have a culture that thinks talking like morons is whats correct, you’ll have lots of people who dislike them. I know cool black people who I like. But saying it’s white Americas fault that black people in inner city Detroit don’t eat fruits and vegetables is retarded. People of lower intelligence on average eat worse.” -Posted on June 6, 2013 by animeindoosir in response to my keynote address at Portland state university on June 1 2013

I am always intrigued by such hostile responses to my work. This is despite me having received a PhD in social science research that looks at how power and resources are organized through structural racism. How does this affect consciousness and conceptions around food access, animal liberation, veganism, and ethical consumption? My work is completely misinterpreted. Nothing in my work ‘blames white people.’ I just suggest, through peer reviewed research, that racialization does affect everyone; but in particular, those who are racially privileged in the usa tend to not realize how racial formation deeply impacts perception, ethics, mobility, etc. So I simply ask that resistance ecology should encompass critical reflexivity around this.

But thanks animeindoorsir for letting me know that Black people talk like morons, have low IQs, and don’t use anything that the government gives them to help ‘uplift’ them, and that is why they don’t know how to eat healthy, and are deserving to be disliked and hated by everyone else.



And glad to know she or he has Black friends, so he or she is exonerated from their racist hate filled reactive post.

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