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Breeze's edible yard adventures in Connecticut

At my parent's house in Connecticut with friends, brother, hubby & Sun

At my parent's house in Connecticut with friend Hope, twin brother, hubby & Sun

I made a vegan apple turnover yesterday evening. I have been in Connecticut for 6 weeks, visiting my parents with Sun and Oliver.

My dad has been doing edible landscaping for about 31 years now. My parent’s homestead has a lot of yumminess: black currants, Goji Berries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, pears, cranberries, walnuts, … and my beloved peaches. Using vegan Organic Filo dough, I made a turnover out of peaches from the tree I planted more than 20 years ago. It’s a Crawford Peach.

I remember I was about 11 years old and had just finished eating a peach from our orchard. I told my dad it was fantastic and that it was my favorite thus far. He told me to plant the pit somewhere, so I did; right beside the back door. Here is the result of something I planted over 20 years ago and that my father has been pruning and taking care of. I chopped up peaches, then mixed a little rum extract, vanilla extract, corn starch, raisins, allspice and cinnamon. Below is the picture of the result. I must say that it tasted very good.

My healthy vegan peach turnover

My healthy vegan peach turnover

I share this with you because I have always been impressed with how much time, energy, and love my father has put into his trees and other edible plants. He knows so much about edible yards, it’s quite impressive.  It’s his love and passion and I love eating the results 🙂 Right now he’s trying to grow figs in Connecticut. The plants are doing quite well. The Black Walnuts he grows are 3x more aromatic and tastier than the standard commercial walnuts found in commons grocery stores.

The first few weeks here at my parent’s house, I overdosed on blueberries!

Breeze Blueberry Picking

Breeze Blueberry Picking

Sun is too young to pick or even eat blueberries, but he enjoyed being strapped to daddy while daddy picked.

Sun and blueberries

Sun and blueberries

I ended up making blueberry pancakes out of these scrumptuous berries. My father also picked many pounds of black currants (cassis) and froze bags of them. I made black currant pancakes one morning, and then black currant and chocolate chip pancakes a few days ago. Both came out VERY well. I mixed whole wheat flour, brown rice flour, and teff flower, along with coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmet, canola oil, and baking powder.

Black Currant Pancakes

Black Currant Pancakes

A few apples were ready for picking and pie making. I attempted to make a pie for Oliver, who can’t have gluten. There will be no picture of that, as the pie was eaten before I could take a picture it. But, below is Sun, reaching for an apple that daddy was handing to him.

Sun getting apple

Sun getting apple

We depart back to Berkeley, CA on Monday. I’m going to miss the yard! 🙁

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