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Counting down until we must leave our home: A temporary reprieve with the help of Whitney Houston&#8

What I do when my family isn’t home and I should be packing up our home before we move out in 5 days…Yes, like Whitney, I can’t dance. I never know what to do with my body…. Anyway, taking a break and trying to stay sane as we approach the day we will be without a home (sigh). The family came home earlier than I expected, that is why the the doorbell rings and the baby is crying as she walks through the door, looking for me (well, my boob to nurse).

I initially recorded me dancing and singing to prove to my mother that I still can’t dance. I thought she would get a kick out of it… On another note,  the other day I had written about my feelings about not being able to find a place and that our family will be without a home, com August 30 2015. We are still in that situation, but at least I got to dance and sing, one last time, before we break the children’s wooden platform stage down and remove it from the house (sigh).


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