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Cradle Cap? Try This Vegan Hemp Oil Recipe


Sun had Cradle Cap, up until a week ago. His scalp looked like a desert. He was scratching and jerking his head throughout the night because it was itching him and disturbing his sleep. To cure this, I made a recipe that I must share with everyone.


Enjoy the benefits of buying cbd online. The Calendula Select can be very hard to use because it is thick. I suggest warming it up a bit (but don’t ever boil essential oils. Try dipping the bottle in water that is about 105 degrees for a few minutes).

In a glass jar with a dropper, mix everything together very well. Shake it hard for about a minute. Glass jars are the best for essential oils. Plastic can be broken down by essential oils, so try not to use plastic bottles for you carrier oils that have essential oils in them.

Apply about 7-10 drops of the oils on baby’s scalp where the cradle cap is. You may need more, depending on how bad the cradle cap is. Massage gently.

In general, I like to use hemp oil all over Sun’s body and face. Keeps him smooth and moist.


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