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Critical Race and Veg*n Studies Intersect: Research Group

I would like to formally invite people to apply to be part of new research group on ning (online network and community)  Critical Race and Veg*n Studies Intersect ( that has two goals:

(1) This is for those of us conducting research that looks at the convergence/intersections of critical race/critical whiteness and veg*nism studies. This group is for anyone doing research/writing and they do not need to be affiliated with a university. I am hoping this network will provide a space for us to share the work we are doing, mentor each other, and review articles and manuscripts in process. I am inviting people to apply who are specifically working on critical engagement with veganism from a critical race perspective (anti-racism, anti-colonialism, racialization, racisms, decolonial theories, critical race feminisms are included in this, as well as how theories of race and vegan studies converge with anti-sexism, non-human animal studies, globalization, LGBTQ, disability studies, and class studies).

(2) I have also put this network together to ultimately create an edited volume called Critical Race and Veg*n Studies Intersect. I am hoping people accepted into this group will be interested in contributing to this volume.  For those not contributing a piece, I still invite folk to be part of this private community to help brainstorm with ideas about the format, content, and promotion of the book project. I imagine the volume to be written in a way that is supportive of those who choose to practice veg*nism (as one does not have to be a veg*n to contribute, but I do ask that they are supportive of those who do practice veg*nism), but also critiques veg*nism in a way that productively opens up spaces to dialogue around underrepresented issues such as white privilege, whiteness, 1st Worldism, anti-racism, racialized colonialism’s legacies on food philosophy, and similar.

The book probably wouldn’t come out until 2012, as I’m in the midst of trying to finish my PhD for 2011. There is no rush.

You can apply to be part of this group by sending me the following:

  1. Name

  2. Organizational Affiliation (If you are independent then write that)

  3. URL and email address

  4. Research Interests

  5. Some titles of works you have written and/or writing (they can be published as well as unpublished papers your have writtenl)

  6. Other forms of media that are not formal papers you’ve created that critically convey your research, such as music, film, dance, painting, etc.

  7. Any other information you feel is pertinent

Send this information to .

Best, Breezie

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