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Critical Race Theory and Food Studies Research Listserv

I am doing my PhD research and simply can’t find what I need. So, I decided to start a research group listserv that I hope will benefit those of us interested in intersections of food and race/ethnicity… but from a critical race and/or critical whiteness and/or critical race feminist and/or decolonial theoretical analyses. Please spread the word to scholars that you think would benefit from this.

What it’s about: We would be exchanging information, brainstorming ideas, posing questions about where to find resources, posting announcements about funding, books, jobs. Post conference announcements, new URLs that focus on the topics this listserv addresses. You get the drift. 🙂 is the site to go to and join. I also want to start a new journal with the same title, and would need to apply for funding. Thus far, I can’t seem to find any journals on this subject that are “peer-reviewed.”

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