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Dear [Kind of Racist] Dartmouth College White People from the 1990s: Black Lives Matter, So Where Ar

Am thinking about the plethora of outspoken racist white people, as well as ‘I’ll just be silent about it” ‘liberal’ white people I encountered at Dartmouth college in the 1990s, where I attended as an undergraduate…and I am wondering what they are thinking/doing now in terms of Ferguson protests, Eric Garner’s murder protests, Black Lives Matters, etc.

I wonder if they will ever contact me to talk about what they did and said during my tenure there, that was obviously racist, ‘negrophobic’, and/or maintained a white supremacist value system that undergirded– and still does– the USA.

Have they had a change of heart? Have they had a change of consciousness? Or, are they still upholding the machinery of whiteness and the material, social, economic, and political privileges it affords them. I just wonder. It’s been 20 years since I was a freshman, and I wonder where you all are at RIGHT NOW with your [lack of race] consciousness in helping to either dismantle this mess or maintain it.

 To the 18 year old freshman L., who outrightly told me that my twin brother attending Dartmouth college only got financial aid ‘because he is Black’, where are you now in this mess?

To the group of white undergrads who told my twin brother , after he was racially profiled and pulled over cops while driving to his Dartmouth College internship, that he “MUST” have done something wrong because cops wouldn’t just pull him over for nothing, WHERE are you all now in this mess? 

To the old white professors who were ‘disgusted’ by my research about black feminist based theories to understand injustice, WHERE ARE YOU NOW in all this mess?

To one of my friends, a white 20 year old, who had no problem with her parents telling her that she could not bring her black boyfriend to their white family’s wedding while he was obviously traumatized by that decision (she just ignored it while he could not believe it), where are you now IN ALL OF THIS MESS?

Where are you P, who said your parents could never approve you, a white privileged guy, of dating a Black girl— even if she went to Dartmouth…and didn’t seem to traumatized by that statement by them. It’s been 20 years. Did you ever talk to them about this racist mentality? WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Because 20 years is a long time. Where are you ALL now? In all this mess?

(Breeze waits, anticipating to hear the sound of crickets for another 20 years or so…and lot of angry comments)

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