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[EVENT] From Seed to Table[t]: Food+Tech in an Era of Systemic Racism and Neoliberal Capitalism (Cha


In May of 2015 I wrote an article that interrogated the role of Foodie+Tech culture within an era of neoliberal capitalism and a racist food system. A surprisingly high number of you privately emailed me to express enthusiasm and appreciation for me having written this article. In addition, having attended quite a few food+tech (or similar) events in the SF Bay area over the last few years, the assumption during most of these events is that we live in a ‘post-racial’ USAmerican [food] system.

For 2016, I have decided that the theme for my next conference will be From Seed to Table[t]: Foodie+Tech Culture in an Era of Systemic Racism and Neoliberal Capitalism (Challenges and Possibilities). I could not be more thrilled! I have also decided to make the big move and host the conference through my consulting company Critical Diversity Solutions(CDS) with the Sistah Vegan Project being a co-organizer and one of the sponsors. Because of the focus of CDS, I think this makes strategic sense; it also opens up the event to my existing Sistah Vegan fan base and new people who have more interest in the basic foundation of CDS.  *Date of Event will most likely be Spring 2016.*

Also, I am hoping that I can host the event in an actual physical space. I have my eyes set on Impact Hub Oakland. I envision that the event would be live streamed and recorded; in addition, those who cannot show up in person to give a talk can participate via video-conference. Audience members who cannot show up physically can participate from a tablet, smartphone, computer or dial in via phone.

More details to come soon. But, to get an idea about what the conference will be about, I encourage you to read my article: “FROM SEED TO TABLE[T]: CAN FOODIE-TECH STARTUPS CHANGE A NEOLIBERAL, RACIST, AND CAPITALIST [FOOD] SYSTEM?

Have ideas for topics we should discuss or speakers to invite? Post your thoughts in the comments section!


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