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Extended Deadline: Brotha Vegan and Alternative Forms of Black Masculinity: New Sistah Vegan Project

Extended deadline for Abstracts is September 15, 2012. Final completed piece deadline: February 15, 2013.

You can email me your abstracts (approximately 2 paragraphs) at the email address sistahvegan(at)gmail (dot). Com

Click on the above video to hear about Brotha Vegan , the sibling to Sistah Vegan book.

This anthology isn’t only about veganism. It’s actually critical perspectives and arts coming from a black male vegan consciousness. You can talk about veganism, but you can also talk about other topics that intersect with your vegan consciousness. What are the ways in which black vegan males think about:

  1. Hip hop culture and vegan activism

  2. Environmental and nutritional racism

  3. Meat eating as a “masculine” stereotype

  4. Class and food access

  5. Structural racism’s effects on food acces

  6. “Obesity” and diabetes in the African American community

  7. Access to clean water as a race, class, and gender issue.

  8. PETA

  9. Going Green; green jobs; green economy

  10. Fatherhood

  11. Teenhood

  12. Ageism

  13. Sexism

  14. Food sovereignty

  15. Occupy movement

  16. Experiencing life as a black male who is queer and vegan

  17. Disabilities studies and race

  18. Prison industrial complex

  19. Afrocentricism

  20. Spirituality and consumption

  21. Critical analysis of Afrocentric and Afrikan Holistic Health movement

  22. Decolonizing the body

  23. Animal liberation

  24. Raising vegan children

This volume will be loving and open-minded. I am not going to accept media that is sexist, homophobic, or anti-trans. This volume should be a safe artistic space for all black men, but in particular, marginalized black males such as sexuality minorities (black males who are gay, for example) and black men living with disabilities.

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