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Fashionable Resistance (The Art of Critical Thinking and Change-making): The Sistah Vegan Earrings K

Fashionable Resistance: The Art of Critical Thinking and Change-Making is a Sistah Vegan Project Fashion line. I am hoping to offer these earrings as a way to raise money for the Sistah Vegan Project. The ones below will kick-off this line. These Sistah Vegan ones will be signed by me (on the back of the earrings). This is from the book cover, with the drawing by Janine Jackson. This new Sistah Vegan line will showcase all of the critical thinkers that the Sistah Vegan Project has been inspired by, such as Angela Davis (fellow vegan) and Octavia Butler (was a vegan as well). If you would like a pair of these below, please donate $60 or more here, and indicate on the comments field that you would like to have a pair. Unfortunately, there are limited quantities for these (5 pair).


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