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Food Empowerment Project Needs You

Food Empowerment Project has been at the forefront of grappling with intersectional food justice for the past ten years.

They have worked to end the abuse of animals on farms, environmental degradation, unfair and dangerous working conditions for agricultural and food production workers, food deserts and scarcity in communities of color and low-income areas and highlighted the importance of choosing not to buy chocolate that is sourced from plantations that exploit children as labor.

As part of an activist push around decolonializing our broader American diets (and in particular for brown and black people) and encouraging, compassionate, healthful food choices, Food Empowerment Project also manages Vegan Mexican Food which features numerous delicious Mexican recipes in English and Spanish.

Food Empowerment Project as a vegan food justice organization recognizes their work as intersectional, holistic, and anti-oppressive; focused on injustices against people, non-human animals, and the environment.

Vallejo Healthy Food Fest

Food to the people. Food Empowerment Project’s annual all-vegan Vallejo Healthy Food Fest.

NOW, Food Empowerment Project needs you. Please give generously to help them continue their work to create a more just and sustainable food system.

Food Empowerment Project’s founder and Executive Director, Lauren Ornelas is a friend of Sistah Vegan, serving as a panelist most recently at the 2015 web conference “The Vegan Praxis of  Black Lives Matter”  and her organization, Food Empowerment Project has featured on Sistah Vegan before.

Here she is speaking about “The Power of Your Food Choices for a More Just Society” and what vegan advocacy looks like from her personal perspective as a Chicana woman of color:

“The stronger we are, the more we unite these issues, the more we bring more like-minded people together we will grow and we will change this injust system.” – Lauren Ornelas

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