From [Chia] Seed to [Changing] Table: A Vegan Nutrition & Pregnancy Webinar by Sistah Vegan Pro

Vegan Pregnancy

If you are like most folk who have listened to mainstream media in the USA, you have heard of the sensationalized stories once or twice a year, of a mother who ‘killed’ her child ‘because’ she was vegan. If you have had interest in getting pregnant and/or having a vegan pregnancy, you may have been ‘attacked’ by supposedly loving family members and ‘concerned’ midwives or practitioners that such a diet is ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible.’

These are all misconceptions, as myself and a plethora of pregnant people (I say ‘people’ because not all people who are pregnant necessarily identify as a ‘woman’) and their children are living proof that a properly planned vegan pregnancy and lactation period will help you and your baby thrive.

Below is a photo of my daughter who is now 4. She was ‘built’ by a whole foods vegan diet. In addition, you are looking at happy and thriving child in which over 85% of her ‘food’ source came from my vegan-produced breast milk, the first 13 months of her life. She was 9.5lb at birth and full term. 6 hour labor.


Eva Luna at 18 months old.

Eva Luna, Age 4, August 2015. (Photo Credit: Dr. Oliver Zahn)

Eva Luna, Age 4, August 2015. (Photo Credit: Dr. Oliver Zahn)

In 2013, I also gave birth to my 3rd child after a great vegan pregnancy and she is thriving. I continue to nurse her on demand via my vegan diet and she just turned 2 and is holding a vegan home-made cupcake below.

Kira-Satya, My 21 month old daughter, enjoying a cupcake.