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(Leg Cramps in Kids) Sistah Vegan, Where Do You Get Your Vegan Remedies for Kid's Night Leg Cra

Sistah Vegan!


Eva Luna, Age 3.

When my daughter, Eva Luna, turned 3, she started waking up at night, screaming in pain about her legs hurting. She was having painful leg cramps. This is a common ailment of toddlers and preschoolers I have learned. We were told to try foods high in potassium, such as bananas, to prevent these nightly episodes. However, after about 7-10 days of bananas every day, there was no change in her leg cramps. If anything, it seemed to be getting worse.

I researched a little more and found that magnesium supplementation would most likely be just what she needed. I wasn’t sure about the powders and how well her body would assimilate supplemental powers or tablets. So, I ended up buying a liquid mineral complex called Concentrace and putting it into 4 oz of apple juice about 1 hour before her bed time. The minerals taste very strong, so she didn’t like it in straight water. It totally did the trick. After two days of supplementation, no more night cramps! This also will work for adults as well by the way! 

**Remember, please consult you physician or holistic practitioner before making changes to your kids diet. What works for kids may not work for your kids. Everyone is unique.


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