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On Vegan Pregnancy, Racial Tension Headaches, and Making Sistah Vegan My Career

Since fall of 2012, I have been seeking full time employment. I have taken a “hint” and realized that perhaps after applying to over a 100 positions and receiving only one interview, that Sistah Vegan should be my FULL time career. Thus far, and since 2005, I have been doing this as ‘volunteer’ and as a one-woman project. As a matter of fact, because of child-care challenges, I get my work done during sporadic times. You know, like during the playground using my tablet if one of my two babies doesn’t need me; or in the car if the baby has fallen asleep; or 1 in the morning after everyone else has fallen asleep and I should be sleeping too. I actually finish a significant amount of writing for my dissertation by using a tablet while running after the kids at the playground 🙂 I know it’s better than nothing.

I know I could do more with the Sistah Vegan project, and continue the work I am doing that many of you have told me benefits you. I just need you help in getting the Sistah Vegan Project to the financial state in which it can be my full time career. Like many primary caretakers of preschool age children in the USA, it is the the inability to afford childcare that keeps us from being unable to pursue PAID work that fulfills our hearts and helps to pay for childcare help, rent, food, and utilities.

How can Sistah Vegan become my full time career?

I need to earn a salary to pay for the resources I need (i.e. child care, rent, etc) to dedicate full time to this work. The fundraising campaign for Sistah Vegan is still going. We have only reached 3% of our goal. Please click here to find more about how you can help fund the Sistah Vegan conference, upcoming book projects, and other resources that your donations will support:  If you cannot donate but your organization would like to invite me to speak for an honorarium, I would appreciate this as well.

Other Exciting Updates: Sistah Vegan Conference, The Ultimate Live Webinar Experience!

The Sistah Vegan Conference is still scheduled for September 14, 2013. It is a live webinar: Call for presenter proposals are due July 20. This is extension of the deadline, as it was previously July 14, 2013. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get enough proposals.

Webinars Offered By Sistah Vegan Project

  1. Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches: Foods and Herbs to Deal With Racism-Induced Illnesses” webinar is offered August 18, 2014. Go here:

  2. “Introduction to Vegan Pregnancy and Lactation Period Webinar, a Sistah Vegan Exclusive” is July 14, 2014, 2pm-4pm PST:,Dr. A. Breeze HarperFounder and DirectorThe Sistah Vegan Project(

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