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Pointing Out a System of Racism is ‘Absurd’ (a.k.a. “Black People, Shut the F*ck Up”) | Frugivo

Below is the latest article that I have written for Frugivore online magazine. It is in response to the “Health Ranger” Mike Adams and his insensitive response to the realities of anti-black racism in the USA and Obama’s talk about Trayvon Martin the other week. Here are the first few paragraphs.

Pointing Out a System of Racism is ‘Absurd’ (a.k.a. “Black People, Shut the F*ck Up”) | Frugivore Magazine, by A. Breeze Harper


I just read Mike Adam’s latest Natural News article and it blew me away. It’s called “Racism theater: How the media, Obama and the racism industry are tearing America apart for their own selfish gain.” He has made it clear that Black Americans, including Obama, need to basically shut the f*ck up about racism; if we at all talk about realities of things like racial profiling (like Obama implied in his talk after the George Zimmerman verdict), then we are promoting “the racism industry for our own selfish gain.” If you don’t know who Mike Adams is, he considers himself the “Health Ranger.” He advocates healthy eating and exercise as a way to be liberated and healthy.

Mike Adams positions himself as a ‘expert’ on my and most Black Americans experiences with racism as a system. He is completely enraged that Obama is part of the ‘racism industry’ in the USA, simply because Obama spoke frankly about Trayvon Martin in July 2013. Obama let us all know what it means to be read as a Black man in a country in which Obama’s propensity for being racially profiled is far greater than that of those like Mike Adams (white, straight, economically stable, and able-bodied). 

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