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Response to & “Apparently Black Lives Matter More than Chickens or Cows Lives Apparently&

Interesting that one would post this on Twitter. Just recently, VeganRevolution tweeted this:


I really don’t have many words or time to spend on this. The tweet for me implies, “A Black person has no rights that the white vegan post-racial world is bound to respect.” 

Overall, my response would simply be that folk refer to my interview with The Feminist Wire about intersectional approaches to Black Lives Matter and Veganism as well as the comprehensive Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter interactive web conference that took place (was recorded) from April 24-25 2015. The entire event was recorded with Powerpoints. Listen and watch and then determine for yourself if Vegan Revolutions’ perspective is rooted in ahimsa based praxis of alleviating systemic suffering and oppression or not. I also want to suggest that for me, there is no use getting angry, writing sick and disgusting responses to the Tweet, etc. There really is no point to engage that way. I engage in ahimsa based responsive actions… like write award winning masters thesis about covert white supremacy among white vegans (Harvard 2007), dissertation about neoliberal whiteness and systemic violence in the vegan food commodity chain (UC system 2013), and organize conferences to educate about veganism, whiteness, and black feminist theorizing. So far, folk who write things like VeganRevolution don’t seem to be doing the same as myself to really ‘back up’ their points. I prefer basing my thoughts on anti-racism and anti-speciesism based social science methods and methodologies before tweeting out things like the above.

Click on poster below for more info about accessing the recordings and learning how veganism and Black Lives Matter aren’t separate or contradictory.


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