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Sistah Vegan Consciousness and Black Women’s Hair

March 2009: Afro Breeze 9 Months Pregnant

Today I wanted to speak about black women’s hair and how it fits into the Sistah Vegan Consciousness Project. The other day I spoke of how what we may eat, affects our womb health. The hair care we take is very poor and  many of my sistahs who use chemical relaxers to straighten our hair may not realize that when our bodies absorb these chemicals, it creates a hormonal imbalance that often leads to ailments such as fibroid tumors, as well as painful menstruation. So, I wanted to share some information with you.

If you go to the safe cosmetics database, you will see the the most harmful chemical straightener is actually the one DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. I cried when I saw this.

The most TOXIC of the 130 are numbers 129 and 130: Dark and Lovely’s No-Mistake No Lye Children’s Relaxer and African’s Best Kids’ Organic. Click on each of the links 129 and 130, once you get to that page, and those will break down the toxins in these products that we’re putting on our little girl’s heads.

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