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SisTot Vegans: Eczema Friendly Bamboo Washcloths and Nettles Soup (Review)

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Straight from the babes’ mouths, here is what they think about their new washcloths. They are tough critiques because they always think every washcloth I’ve ever given them is too rough– especially on their faces and particularly on the baby’s light eczema problem.

We also try to tackle the baby’s eczema with these remedies and it’s been working very well, along with adding a few drops of lavendar and tea tree oil in the bath water!

Nettles is great for eczema. We make it many ways, but the baby’s favorite is in soup. I make her nettles, barley, lentils soup. It’s quick and simple:



  1. 1/2 c green lentils

  2. 1/2 c barley (hulled)

  3. 3.5 c water

  4. 4 tbsp of Olive oil

  5. 1 tsp of vegetarian broth

  6. 1/2 c of dried stinging nettles

Lightly boil all ingredients for 45 minutes. I personally love adding chili on top, but not chili for the baby!


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