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SisTot Vegans: Nourishing Your Kid's [Afro-Curly] Hair With Vegan Love

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Eva Luna, Age 4, August 2015. (Photo Credit: Dr. Oliver Zahn)

Eva Luna, Age 4, August 2015. (Photo Credit: Dr. Oliver Zahn)

My friends are always asking what I use on Eva Luna’s curly hair. She has cute little spiral curls that glisten in the sun. Well, it’s about what you put on it and also what you eat 🙂

I use Alaffia brand for hair care on all three of my kids. Alaffia is Fair Trade, vegan, and amazingly nourishing. In the photo above, Luna has Shea and Coconut Enriching Hair Lotion in her hair. We shampoo it with Every Day Shea Shampoo with Lavender.

Though there are many foods that will grow shiny and healthy hair, I especially like feeding her walnuts and hemp seed. Walnuts and hemp seeds are great for growing healthy and shiny hair. When my son was a baby, he ate walnuts and hemp seeds all the time and folk also noted how fast his hair grew and how shiny and healthy it looked.  I also gave him a lot of hemp seed ice cream (homemade). 


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