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The best holiday turkey….


I saw this beautiful turkey family a few minutes ago, while driving in Berkeley, CA. I thought to myself , “The best Holiday turkeys are ones that can spend time with their families and stay alive too!” Until I learned about the sentience of non human animals, I too believed the American myth fed to me that turkeys are stupid , which justified why it is ‘okay’ to raise and kill them as a symbol for humans to share family time together. Before I read about veganism, I was never told that they feel pain, have families, have relationships, and care for each other.

I saw these animals after having left my natural grocery store that was asking people to ‘Order your holiday birds’. And of course as a natural store, the birds being sold as being humanely raised and organic. I know I don’t feel like being humanely raise and then slaughtered , so not sure how or why so many people think that that is really okay.

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