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Tollwood, [Not] Getting Drunk, and More Damn Staring: Sistah Vegan in Europe Part III


Breeze Harper at Tollwood. December 22, 2012.

Don’t let the picture of me smiling fool you. I’m at Tollwood, the ginormous Christmas Market in München  Germany. I have not had alcohol since 2007, because I am usually pregnant or nursing. And when I did drink, it was once a year on my birthday….

…But here I am, trying to stomach the smell of traditional hot wine drink with spices called Glühwein. The aroma alone was literally making me feel nauseous. Every time I smell it, I quiver with chills. But hey, I’m in the Fatherland, so when in Rome….

3 German bartenders who cheerfully sold me this “elixir of life!”

Um, this drink does not taste good. I had one cup and I didn’t get drunk. Didn’t even get a buzz…just wanted to vomit. And seriously, don’t take what I say too serious. Once again, remember: You’re talking to someone who hasn’t had a drink since 2007. My concept of ‘drinking’ involves raw kale blended with water and Spirulina. Generally, I’m so sensitive to alcohol that if you said “Nyquil,” I will just pass out drunk….On a slightly different note….

Another “Look, a Negro”! experience!!!

Inside one of the eatery tents, 3 young women stared at me forever and whispered when I passed by. My friend was like, “Wow, that’s weird. Why are they staring at you like that?” He then decided to go back and ask the girls, but they just giggled and pretended to be too shy to respond.

Okay blog followers, next time this happens, I am whipping out my camera and will video record me asking why folk are staring at me. Seriously, we need answers! It’s a mystery I will solve before I head back to Berkeley CA!

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