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“Try The Fuck Harder”: The Top 20 of 2015

Top 20 Sistah Vegan Blog Posts of 2015

The Sistah Vegan Project (2)
  1. White Fragility and Joel Salatin’s ‘Good Food’ Framework: Daring to Critique the Mainstream Food and Sustainability Movement’s White Hero

  2. Dear Post-Racial White Vegans: ‘All Lives Matter’ is a Racial Microagression Contributing to Our Daily Struggle With Racial Battle Fatigue

  3. Response to & “Apparently Black Lives Matter More than Chickens or Cows Lives Apparently”

  4. A Black Feminist Vegan Perspective on ‘Women, stop complaining and either raise a family or don’t have a family and just pursue your career’

  5. Was Charleston Enough or do you Need More to Stop Being Silent or Post-racial?

  6. From Seed to Table[t]: Can Foodie-Tech Startups Change a Neoliberal, Racist, and Capitalist [Food] System?

  7. Secrets to living longer, healthier, and aging well….

  8. [Racial Reality] Check Out At a Berkeley Organic Grocery Store…and the Challenge of ‘White’ Apology vs. Engaged Compassion

  9. Must I Be Killed By a Racist Cop While Traveling to a Vegan Event for You to Finally Get it?

  10. ‘Grow Your Own Food, Be Sustainable…[Just Be Out by Sundown if You Don’t Look Like Taylor Swift]’

  11. Fairy Tales and Cowlifornia Nightmarin’: Who Else is Sick of the Sugarcoating of the Endless Nightmare of Systemic Oppression?

  12. The Racial Privilege of ‘Voting With Your Dollars’ to Create a ‘Good Food’ System

  13. On Waiting for the ‘Okay’ to ‘Properly’ Disrupt the System of Racism and Anti-Black Violence That is Killing Us

  14. Ethical Veganism as Anti-Intellectualism: Eurocentric White Masculinist Traditions of Intellectualism

  15. Realties of Trying to Rent in Berkeley, CA as the ‘riff raff’ (A.K.A as the non-techie folk)


  17. For Whom Should Ethiopian Cuisine Be ‘Demystified?’: Vegan ‘Ethnic’ Cookbook Marketing and Assumed Whiteness

  18. Paris, Selective Grief, and Outrage: When You’re Brown, Your Screams Make No Sound….

  19. (UPDATED) The [White Savior] Elephant in the Room: Ally Theater, Savior Complex, and Speaking for ‘The Other’

  20. This is the Impact Gary Francione and Ruby Hamad’s ‘Moment in Time’ Had on My Engaged Buddhist Practice


About the Author and The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. Harper currently manages the Staff Diversity Initiative’s Multicultural Education Program at UC Berkeley and is the founder of the Critical Diversity Solutions. Check her profile out on LinkedIn. Inquire about Dr. A. Breeze Harper lecturing or giving a workshop at your organization, school, or business. Find out how you can donate to the Sistah Vegan Project.

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