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Vegan Green Protein Shake for Breastfeeding

Since giving birth in March 2009, I have been drinking this every day. It’s about 50g of protein. I believe this is making my breastmilk very rich and nutritious. In addition, everyone I meet tells me how my son, who is now 15 weeks old, looks VERY big and is very alert for his age. I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s my uber nutritious smoothie regiment he’s getting through the breast milk :-).

Sun toes

I’ve also posted where I get my ingredients. These are the cheapest prices but GREAT products.

1/2 c of Nutiva Hemp Protein powder (22g of protein)  ( Hemp Protein Powder at


1/3 c of brown rice protein (25-30 g of protein) Hemp Protein Powder at


1 tbsp of Spirulina  (4g protein) scroll down to find it. I buy 1lb. Best deal.

2 tbsp of Flaxseed Oil ( Always refridgerate flax oil.

1 tbsp of Hemp Seed Oil ( Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil at


1 banana (or other fruit of choice)

1 Avocado (4g protein)

1 c chopped fresh spinach

1 tsp of Chlorella Powder (you can get this at Mountain Rose Herbs as well)

Put everything in a blender EXCEPT FLAX OIL and fill with water until 1 inch away from the edge. Blend for 2 minutes. Add the flax seed oil and blend on lowest setting for 10 seconds. The heat of the blender spinning is often too hot for flax seed oil, and flax seed oil cannot be warmed or it loses it’s nutrients.

Yes, I drink the entire blender pitcher. I separate it into  3 feedings throughout the day. Enjoy!

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