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[Webinar] Racial Diversity and Inclusion for Plant Based Foods Businesses

Sept. 10, 2019 10am-2pm PST

Ok, if you haven’t already, please sign up for an Intro to Racial Diversity and Inclusion in Plant-Based Food Business. We have individual tickets as well as organization (small, medium, large).

This is an incredibly important time to be thinking about racial diversity and inclusion in plant-based food business. It’s an era of food-tech startups. It’s also an era in which 92% of VCs are white men who are funding the same demographic at 91% while demographics such as Black women, are less than 1% funded.

Did you know USA alone loses 300 billion dollars in yearly revenue when nonwhite business owners are not funded or invested in?

It also means a lack of product innovation and profit that comes from having a racially diverse talent force. I mention this because so many may not prioritize the social/racial justice aspect in their business model in what is ‘loss’ when business startups are homogenous– but, yes, there is a loss of product innovation and yea, profit!!

However, if you want social impact and justice to be one of the primary focuses of your plant-based food business, but not sure how to start thinking about it…, then you may want to think about what talent is loss when a properly implemented inclusion strategy is not enacted and measured in your plant based food workplace. You lose more diverse perspectives on how to create a better product that can and does lead to positive environmental impact (plant based diets are the top ways in which climate change can be tackled).

Join us on September 10, 2019 via webinar. Can’t attend live? No worries, we have recordings of the event available for people who have registered. Click on the link below.

Leadership, Diversity, and the “Cruelty-Free” Conundrum

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