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Women of Color needed for Critical Animal Studies journal issue

This came into my box this morning.



The Journal for Critical Animal Studies (JCAS) seeks essays from women of color scholars and activists across a variety of disciplines and social justice initiatives to develop understandings on the issues of race, gender, and animality in critical animal studies.  Since the term “critical animal studies” was introduced by the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, there has been a void of people of color contributions to the new and developing field. Particularly absent have been the thoughts, concerns, and activism of women of color.  For critical animal studies to engage a holistic politics for total liberation, women of color must play a role in the field’s development.  The goals of this issue are (1) to vitalize the intellectual participation of women of color in critical animal studies, (2) to examine overlapping concerns that are central to critical animal studies, feminist theory, and critical race theory, and (3) to promote avenues of thought and ideas for action that can move us beyond pernicious forms of “othering” that undergird nonhuman and human animal suffering.  Topics may include:

·         addressing racism, sexism, and gender oppression in critical animal studies

·         the role of white privilege in the animal rights movement

·         domestication and the decolonization of mind and body

·         semiotics of animality in racial discourse

·         traditional ecological knowledge of animal relationships

·         being an ally to nonhuman animals: animal activism from a woman of color’s perspective

·         interlocking oppressions of animality, race, and gender

·         racialization of the other

·         invasive species and invasive races

·         veganism, raw foods, and food justice

·         the social construction of overpopulation and female reproductive control

·         women of color ecofeminism and an ethic of care

·         racism, sexism, and gender oppression in the animal rights movement

·         addressing violence against women of color and nonhuman animals

·         imperialism, colonialism, and the oppression of native peoples

·         the future of critical animal studies for women of color

·         the role of women of color in the total liberation movement

Papers Due: April 12, 2010 at 5pm EST

Click here for submission guidelines (but forward all submission for this issue to the contact below)

Send papers to:

Anastasia Yarbrough

Institute for Critical Animal Studies

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