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Working against time: Nursing while dissertating about whiteness and veganism

I am working against time before my 2011 fellowship funding disappears next month to write my dissertation as much as possible. I wonder how many other post partum PhD candidates spend their baby moon week working on their dissertation…. LOL Yes, I’m nursing while trying to read a book and type up my dissertation,

I had a 7 hour labor and gave birth at home to a girl on July 30 at 10:05 AM PST: 9.5lb. Don’t tell me you can’t grow big babies practicing veganism while pregnant LOL.

Thank you to those who donated to my dissertation fellowship fund. So far you have contributed $4500 of my $10,000 goal. Very awesome. For those of you new to my page, here is a video that explains how I need help to finish my dissertation because my funding was not renewed. This is why I am semi-frantically writing my dissertation while doing the mandatory postpartum bedrest thang/babymoon. My funding end next month.

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