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Seeds of Sankofa (2025)



















Through an Afrofuturistic lens, the novel Seeds of Sankofa is an exploration of soil and seeds within a future of regenerative possibilities.  In order to grow seeds, humans need rich soil, water, and sun... which helps us birth the foods that nourish us and other beings. However, What will these all mean if the future continues to be embedded in legacies of colonialism? 


Within the pages of Seeds of Sankofa, Dr. Breeze Harper explores grief, loss, and trauma through both the supernatural and "normal".

  1. How do grief and loss manifest in multiple worlds, such as the world of the soil microbiome, our human bodies, the metaphysical,  and the plant world?

  2. How can we explore grief and trauma that are intimately connected  to ecocide intertwined with racial and reproductive violence?

  3. How can we explore zombification as a consequence of colonialism, extractive capitalism, and monocultural farming practices?

  4. What happens when human beings cannot grow as their biodynamic and authentic selves, but instead, gestate in a system in which monoculturalism is cultivated as [faux] Black liberation?


The Po'To'Ti' human beings are gifted with the ability to 'redshift'. This is a unique ability of soul and physical teleportation transmitted from ancestral birth workers of the Po'To'Ti' clan from what is now known as Ghana. The Po'To'Ti are connected to the life of the soil microbiome as well as have symbiotic relationships to plants, bacteria, and fungi  that can 'goldshift' into 'humanoid' form. When a powerful entity attacks the Po'To'Ti in 1986, their sacred community is fractured and they are displaced; the soil upon which they thrive is 'zombified'. Madu, a powerful Po'To'Ti Midwife to the Soil of Creation, escapes with her young daughter through a portal, leaving behind her wives Imee and Lupita.

We invite you to listen to Dr. Harper's April 2022 Keynote Address for Sacramento City College in which  she discusses Afrofuturism & read excerpts from Seeds of Sankofa below or navigate here ( if the YouTube Player does not come up for you:

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