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Black Zephyr, Inc infuses narrative strategy, DEI, storytelling, and Afrofuturism as frameworks to achieve racial equity and regenerative futures for Black and other racially minoritized populations in the USA. Led by me, Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Black Zephyr has several services: 

Black Zephyr Catalyst Press. Black Zephyr Catalyst Press is a press for Black women/femmes/non-binary authors who employ Afrofuturism for liberation, equity, and justice. This venture not only publishes manuscripts; it facilitates workshops, coaching, retreats, etc., for Black writers who are change catalysts and movement builders. The novel Seeds of Sankofa will be the first published book from this press. Written by me, this Afrofuturism novel explores Black equity through the lenses of the soil microbiome, farming, nutrition, and land. The novel will be completed by end of 2025.


Public Events and Workshops. I deliver lectures, conferences, and workshops using Afrofuturism as a framework for racial equity, climate activism, food justice, and reparative justice.  Butler University, Evergreen State College, UC Santa Cruz, and Sacramento City College have been some of my partners.  I have delivered over 70+ keynote talks and workshops.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accountability (DEIA) Consulting. This  consulting and educational service is anchored in narrative strategy, accountability metrics, social science research, and of course Afrofuturism.  I  offer DEIA climate surveys, audits, workshops, facilitation, and coaching services to organizations focused on justice and equity for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, particularly around:

  1. Food/Nutrition

  2. Land/Farming

  3. Climate Change

  4. Environmental Sustainability

  5. Advocacy for Reparations

Research and Reporting. I create/co-create publications that show impediments as well as best practices for equitable Black futures.  I focus on:

  1. Black owned or led plant-based (or vegan) and climate justice oriented organizations.

  2. Black stewarded  farms or agricultural spaces centering regenerative cultivation (i.e. permaculture) and justice. 

  3. Organizations that may not be Black led, but are still dedicated to just and equitable futures for other minoritized populations impacted by systemic racism, as well as other oppressive systems and structures. Check out an example of my work with FoodFirst!  I researched and co-wrote the report Dismantling Racism in the Food System .

I invite you to listen to my illuminating keynote address for Sacramento City College's Global Studies Event from 2022:











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