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I’ll Be Giving Birth in 2022….

Forthcoming novel from A. Breeze Harper

My new “baby” in 2022 will be a new novel I’ve been working on since 2019. The book is called Seeds of Sankofa. I use the concept of seeds as metaphor to explore the future of possibilities without forgetting the past.

Seeds of Sankofa is about racial justice, food justice, and Black maternal health justice within the context of the future of ethical foods(i.e. plant-based diets), extractive capitalism, and technocracy in the USA. In Seeds of Sankofa, I’ll be using the genre of Afro-futuristic fantasy/sci-fi to go from head, to heart, to action. As much as I love my high-theory scholarly writing, let’s be honest: It’s rare that wordy dissertations and complicated peer-reviewed theoretical articles inspire in the way movies, theater, and novels have.

Artistic methods move and touch in deeply penetrative and life-changing ways. The way I package and present the message is very crucial. It must be palatable, creative, innovative and entertaining, making it more accessible. Artistic methods can and have done this for centuries.

In Seeds of Sankofa, Black women and girls are the protagonists, gifted with extraordinary abilities. I have fallen in love with all my characters.

Seeds of Sankofa will be my second published novel. My first published novel is called Scars . It is about finding self-love through racial healing and possibility. (Go here to learn more

I’ll be reading excerpts from my new novel soon, on Instagram Live. Details will follow in the next week. I hope you can join me.

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