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Writing a Black Multiverse Through Soil and Sprouts (Pt. 2 Afrofuturism as a Regenerative Future)

Yesterday, you received Pt. 1 of Afrofuturism as a Regenerative Future. Today I wanted to invite you to explore an inspirational and thought-provoking keynote talk I delivered in April 2022.


Because it will give you a tasty preview of what the Spring 2023 Afrofuturism as a Regenerative Future Conference will be exploring.

This video will also give you a wonderful example of how I have started to expand my Sistah Vegan Project work into the realm of action-oriented afrofuturism fused with plant-based 'foodtures' of sustenance, community, and love. In this Sacramento City College keynote talk, I discuss my new novel and its connections to the spiritual and metaphysical lives of the soil microbiome, monoculturalism as an agricultural form of white supremacy, and what it means to produce seeds of [dis]ingenuous abundance. If you missed the first part of this blog series, you can tune in here . The Sacramento City College lecture is below. I am creating closed captions for it since I could not figure it out through YouTube. I did not record it; the college did.


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