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If Afrofuturism were an ice cream....

If #afrofuturism were an ice cream it would be @kubenicecream .

Best #vegan ice cream I EVER!!!

I am discerning about vegan delights. Packaged vegan ice creams almost always disappoint me.

Why? Because there is no finesse and there is the lazy reliance of adding lots of refined sugar and other crap, coupled with the fact that the vegan supply chain almost always upholds extractive capitalism vs. regenerative farming and economics that center racial, gender, and land justice.

Kubé ice cream uses agave nectar and well-thought out flavoring. This means a low glycemic index!

Kubé uses full-fat coconut from a Ghanaian cooperative farm, is Black woman owned, and was created through love for economic, racial, gender, and land justice.

Kai Nortey (Founder of Kubé Ice Cream)

Also, Kubé is the ice cream version of #Afrofuturism. Founder Kai Nortey and I have spoken a lot about how amazing her #culinary ethics embody the ethics of afrofuturism. As a matter of fact, the character Fern in my new Afrofuturism book, Seeds of Sankofa, was inspired by Kubé/Kai. Fern has strong ethics around community building, food sustainability, and liberation. Fern is a Black woman who owns a racial and land justice focused vegan ice cream company. Like Kubé/Kai, Fern prioritizes Black liberation and a future of plenty that is about beloved community, stewarding the land, and alternatives to extractive capitalism. (You can learn more about Afrofuturist Ecology and Farming here )

Kubé is also as 'cruelty-free' as it gets. Beyond not harming non-human animals, Kai's company focuses on the commodity chain and engages in just and equitable practices that positively affect humans as well so they can thrive. Kubé practices a type of restorative and regenerative economics:

"Kai realized that creating a vegan ice cream womanfacturing, social enterprise that addressed lactose intolerance, healthy regenerative food systems, restorative economics, and racial & gender equity, were all the ingredients needed to build healthier communities and economies."

Most vegan companies selling packaged ice cream do not integrate equity, inclusion, and justice into their whole process/paradigm. We hear of employee abuse and bullying often in vegan companies whose products flood grocery aisles and freezers. Kubé fully integrates equity, liberation and justice as the future of how the #foodsystem *should be*.

Support them. They sell at @Mandela Coop in Oakland and also ship their brilliant delights throughout the USA. Go to their website here to learn more about how to order and support them here.

Also, Kubé/Kai parallel the concepts found in the upcoming online Spring 2023 conference, "Afrofuturism as a Regenerative Future". To learn more, go here or click on image below.


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