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The Weapon of the Word “N*gger” and Backlash Against Talking about Racism

I talk about Backlash by Dr. George Yancy and what it means for Black folk to talk compassionately and honestly about race in the USA…and the rage and threats one receives to their life for simply speaking the truth as a ‘gift’. I talk about briefly, the backlash I got from talking honestly about animal advocacy and anti-Black racism and white supremacy. I gave a keynote talk at Animal Expo Care in May 2018 talking about radical diversity, equity, and inclusion to 1400+ an I did experience a lot of support but also quite a bit of ‘backlash’…in combination with the continued backlash of violence and aggression from white people (in animal advocacy and beyond) over the last 12+ of me doing this scholarship, giving workshops, and talks.

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