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Breastfeeding Nutrition Regiment?

Sun in Blue Stripes

What are the foods and herbs you have been consuming to create what you think is optimally nutritious for your breastmilk?

I have been doing:

Nettle leaf powder (prepared as a tea), Deva’s Vegan DHA, Jarrow Flax Seed Oil, hempseed oil, Spirulina, chlorella, avocado, hemp protein, spinach, and quinoa on a daily basis. In addition, I have also found the drinking several cups of rooibos tea each day, really helps prevent colic in my little boy. The Nettle leaf powder helps me produce more milk. The vegan DHA is crucial for eye and brain development. I’ve also been taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal vitamins. I called the company last year and they assured me that their product is vegan.I get 44g of hemp protein each day. It is a complete amino acid protein, high in fiber and has a well balanced Omega 3 6 9 ratio.

I have been staying away from spicy foods, as well cabbage, garlic, onions, etc. I’ve been told they make baby have horrible digestive discomforts. However, I am not sure if I agree with this. Do cultures who eat this way all the time, stop eating these foods during pregnancy and lactation? Do YOU eat these supposedly “irritating” foods? If so, how does your baby like it? I want to reintegrate my Indian food back into my diet, but am not sure if I should. I also had to cut my beloved raw kale smoothies out of my diet, as it was suspected to be causing Sun (my baby) colic… but, I don’t know, as kale is so healthy and I did kale smoothies every day during my 3rd trimester.

What do you eat to ensure optimal breastmilk for your child or children? Please share!

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