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Sistah Vegan, Where Do You Get Your DHA?

Sistah Vegan!

Sistah Vegan, Where Do You Get Your DHA?

People tell me they eat fish because that is a good way to get DHA, which is crucial for eye and brain health. Wild Alaskan Salmon is touted as a ‘food’ for human beings to get optimal brain-building DHA. Did you know that Salmon get DHA into their systems through algae and you can too! You don’t need to eat animals to get DHA.

Me and my kids have been taking Deva line of DHA for years now. I took it during all my pregnancies as well. It’s also great for kids to have DHA in their diets because of course, they are growing those wonderful brains. Also, children with higher level of DHA in their diets have lower rates of ADD. Here is what my family uses:


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