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What Happens When a Black Abused Wife Stands Her Ground? She Goes to Jail: On My Vegan Praxis of Bla

As many of you know, I have been working hard to promote to free Marissa Alexander as part of my Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter (and yes, the upcoming Sistah Vegan 2015 conference has the same name).  Our group is fighting hard for Marissa and we think it would be amazing to have a caravan of about 10 womyn drive from the Bay Area of California, to Jacksonville FL (arrive January 27, 2015 the day of Marissa’s trial). On the way, the womyn would hit major cities to help educate people about the racist and misogynistic injustice that has occurred with Marissa. Xan Joi talks about the help they need below in our meeting last week. After is a formal letter that you can read and/or share with folk. After this video is a GoFundMe Link.  I can’t emphasize enough that this is ridiculous and I can’t imagine, after being beaten by my spouse, and it is 9 days after I have given birth to a premature baby, that I am finally sick of being beaten and fire a warning shot in the air to protect myself and three children… that I would be ARRESTED while my abusive spouse is not put in jail. We shouldn’t take it and if we all get together, we can have an excellent chance of making sure Marissa is free! This is my vegan praxis of Black Lives Matter. My definition of ahimsa-based veganism means to alleviate suffering of all human and non-human animals including racist-sexist-misogyny that upholds the mainstream American system of justice. WHAT IS YOURS? 

December 25, 2014Black Women’s Lives Matter: Free Marissa NOW2715 Benvenue Ave #2Berkeley, CA 94705510-540-7007 Black Women’s Lives Matter: Free Marissa NOW Caravan Berkeley to Jacksonville!We hope you are willing to provide a donation of food and/or supplies to help support our FREE MARISSA NOW caravan that is going from Oakland to Jacksonville Florida to spread awareness of Marissa’s incarceration and fight for freedom.At least 10 women in a large veggie-oil truck and an 8 seater van plan to be on this caravan which will be on the road from January 11th to arrive in Jacksonville by the 25th, going thru at least 15 cities where we plan connect with local activists and allies, hold teach-ins, drop banners and flyers, and engage in direct action to FREE MARISSA NOW! Marissa Alexander is a Black woman & mother, survivor of domestic violence in Florida who fired a warning shot into the ceiling, injuring no one, to ward off the man who battered and threatened to kill her. She was prosecuted and originally sentenced to 20 years in jail. She won an appeal after being incarcerated for 1000 days, was released, but then immediately Corey decided to re- prosecute her again & Marissa is now in jail under a plea and faces yet another hearing January 27th. Our goals for embarking on this caravan are three-fold: 1) We want “Marissa Alexander” to become a well known household name;2) We want her fight for freedom to be our STAND UP, FIGHT BACK cause around the country;3) We want on January 27th the entire nation’s eyes on Jacksonville, Florida and Judge JamesDaniel, plus State Attorney General Angela Corey so there is no repeat of their heinous, racist, misogynist crimes against Marissa! Most importantly, we will be seeking a full pardon for Marissa Alexander. Self-defense is NOT a crime and Marissa should never have done any time. If you are able to help us out, please feel free to write, email or call/text Xan at 404-853-9990 Our goal is to provide food for 10 activists on the road for 17 days!THANK YOU for your serious consideration. TOGETHER we WILL obtain a pardon for Marissa Alexander! Sincerely, On behalf of the Black Women’s Lives Matter:Free Marissa NOW caravan organizing working group

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