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Beaten and Arrested for Simply Being Black… LaJuana Still Fights The Racist-Sexist System for

I am because she is

We are because they were

Last year I worked hard on social media for Free Marissa Alexander East Bay caravan in early 2015. There were many amazing, mostly womyn of color, working on this. One of these amazing womyn was LaJuana Decatur. Listen to my video below to find our more about LaJuana.


LaJuana Decatur, December 2014, Gearing Up for the Free Marissa East Bay Caravan to Florida

In the second video, in December of 2014, LaJuana speaks about why she chooses to travel across the USA to do anti-racism, domestic violence awareness, and Black Womyn’s Lives Matter teach-ins throughout the USA. It was recorded a year ago, and since then, LaJuana successfully completed the caravan travel.

And lastly, here is a trailer to the documentary about the Free Marissa Caravan that LaJuana participated in.

Click on the GoFundMe below to help donate to LaJuana’s campaign to help her save her home so she can continue to do the work that needs to get done. Please invest in systemic change by investing in the change-makers. Click on the GoFundMe Link Below to make the investment.

I am because she is

We are because they were


About the Author and The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. Harper currently manages the Staff Diversity Initiative’s Multicultural Education Program at UC Berkeley and is the founder of the Critical Diversity Solutions. Check her profile out on LinkedIn. Inquire about Dr. A. Breeze Harper lecturing or giving a workshop at your organization, school, or business.

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