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Ben Carson, Syrian Refugees, and Facebook Advertisements Supporting ‘Free [Hate] Speech’

Facebook, thank you for allowing Ben Carson to advertise on Facebook. He is an Islamaphobe and plants seeds of hate which give people the idea that violence against anyone who is Muslim is ‘acceptable’. Don’t you understand that violent actions are planted by seeds of hate? How do we know he won’t make the next domestic terrorist in the USA who decides to kill or hurt Muslims because of what he has said and keeps on saying?

I thought hate speech and hate groups were not allowed on Facebook, no? I guess hate  is subjective!!! (sigh). Just wondering if Facebook  can try harder to not support those who plant seeds of hate and create terrorists through racism, Islamaphobia, etc. There is plenty of social science evidence out there that shows that supporting hate creates an inequitable society filled with those who accept violence as the norm to those they have been mis-taught to believe ‘don’t belong’ or deserve no ‘human rights’… or even deserve to be seen as not human.

Thanks so much for taking his money (because at the end, it’s all about profit) and upholding his ‘free [hate] speech’. (Sarcasm and frustration)


About the Author and The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. Harper currently manages the Staff Diversity Initiative’s Multicultural Education Program at UC Berkeley and is the founder of the Critical Diversity Solutions. Check her profile out on LinkedIn. Inquire about Dr. A. Breeze Harper lecturing or giving a workshop at your organization, school, or business.


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