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Breeze’s Munich Adventures at the Dinner Table or ‘Spirulina is gross, wash it down with

Sun and I on our way to find gresh ginger and kale

Anyway, I’m in Germany for part of the spring and summer. My mother in law is funny and I just had to share this next story. She knows I’m practicing veganism but I guess she doesn’t quite understand it. She ordered my Sistah Vegan book the other day and was thrilled about it. To prepare for my arrival, she bought some vegan cookies and desserts, some soy milk, etc. This morning, however, she arrived from the grocery store and proudly gave me 2 containers of yogurt and said, “Breeze, I bought them for you.”  It said “lactose free” (In German) and I thought it was maybe non-dairy yogurt like soy or rice or coconut. But then I saw that it’s simply lactose free cow dairy yogurt. I’m guessing for her “lactose free” is comparable to ‘vegan’? I should say that each tiny grocery store here has commercial refrigeration equipment. So you can buy dairy products and be sure they have been perfectly stored.

Also, Sun, myself and my father and mother in law had breakfast yesterday. Sun and I had avocado and spirulina. They had cheese, ham, eggs, and bread. My mother in law asked, “Can Sun have egg, or is he too young for it?” She meant, in terms of digestion can a 13 month old have eggs yet. Yet, the other day, she bought him vegan children’s cookies and said to me, “There is no egg or milk in it!”. I’m not sure how to better convey to them that I’m trying to raise him on a vegan diet. I think she may think that vegan means no egg and nor milk.

Anyone else have cute stories like these with family members truly trying to help with your vegan diet but still don’t fully understand what ‘vegan’ means?

Oliver’s (my husband) friend and husband and their 2 kids visited us for dinner today. I fed Sun (my 13 month old) a combination of 1 tbsp of Spirulina, coconut, and mango. It was very green and they were wondering what I was feeding this kid. Oliver told them, “Spirulina. Wanna try! ?” He rushes to the kitchen and comes back with two glasses mixed with water and Spriulina. He gives it to the husband and wife and their son. The little son, who is 5 , takes a sip and absolutely hates it. His father gives him his BEER to wash the taste out of his mouth. LOL. Anyway, they thought it was awful and didn’t understand why Sun was enjoying it and saying , “Yum yum. ” I tried to explain that this is how he gets his vitamins (I don’t buy vitamin pills for him), in combination with other green and colorful foods I eat and he gets in my breastmilk. They seemed grossed out by it.

Isn’t it interesting how one can get used to just about anything? Sun’s palate is used to green raw foods from the get go. It’s all he’s ever known. The little boy who drank part of his father’s beer seemed to like the taste of that OVER Spirulina.

My husbands uncle made us gluten free vegan bake desserts yesterday at his family’s home. Check it out. We took pictures. The desserts were fantastic!

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