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‘Cocaine Doesn’t Grow in My Community But Kale Does’: Vegan Hip Hop Artist DJ Cave

DJ Cavem’s new music video is out. Listen and watch. Things to thinks about:

(1) Prison Industrial Complex targeting communities of color

(2) What it means when the little boy at the end learns that they open up a new jail but closed down the school

(3) Instead of investing money in buying drugs, what would it be like if one invested resources/money into buying healthy fresh produce to re-build communities?

(4) The little black boy is not deterred as he walks through/pass the prison, Burger King, illegal drug transactions; the little boy makes it to his community garden to plant and build community.

And yea, once again, DJ Cavem is an amazing example of what a holistic, anti-racist, anti-PIC, decolonial, environmental justice approach to veganism looks like. Comprehensive, not one-dimensional, and not about buying ‘cool’ vegan packaged products, or constantly talking about going vegan to ‘look young’ and ‘get skinny’.

This is vegan hip hop music for the people. A lot of post-racial [mostly white] vegans kind of don’t get that veganism needs to look like the above for the collectivity of Black and Brown folk in the USA.


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