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Food Spotlight: Curry Leaf is Exceptional for Vegans!

Curry Leaf Stand

The East Bay area of California is well known for it’s Farmer’s Markets. If you are looking for exceptional vegan Indian food at one of these Farmer’s Markets, I highly recommend Curry Leaf. Except for the Lassi drink, everything on the menu is vegan and organic. The chef’s tikis and dosas are literally the best I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, she does not have a restaurant, but if you can catch her stand, I highly suggest you check out her food. I love how she uses the wholesome grain millet, in place of white basmati rice. She also uses fresh ginger and it’s far better than using dried powder ginger.

You can find her at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Berkeley on Center St. I think they are open from 10am to 3pm (but don’t quote me). She is also at the Sunday Oakland Farmer’s Market in Temescal Sq, from 9am-1pm (but don’t quote me!)


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