Got Afro-Vegan? Turning My Ears into Sites of Critical Thinking, Fashionable Resistance, and Anti-Ra

Photo on 4-16-15 at 3.18 PM #2

Fashionable Resistance: The Art of Critical Thinking and Change-making (Bryant Terry Earrings):

The below was originally published in August of 2015, but I will re-share.


A few months ago, I let my fans know that for a future Sistah Vegan endeavor, I will be collaborating with artists and designers to make a new line of Sistah Vegan “approved” jewelry called “Fashionable Resistance”. This line will showcase the activists and scholars who have been influential for my scholarship and activism. Back in the Fall of 2014, I had written that I would love to showcase folk such as pattrice jones, Angela Davis, Bryant Terry, DJ Cavem,  Lauren Ornelas (Food Empowerment Project), Octavia Butler (vegan by the way) and Queen Afua (with proper permission from them of course).

The kick-off event has now arrived for the Sistah Vegan Project’s Fashionable Resistance. Chef Bryant Terry is the first person to be part of our new line and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Charisma Eclectic helped with the design and making the earrings. Author of groundbreaking vegan cookbooks such as Vegan Soul KitchenThe Inspired Veganand Afro-Vegan, Terry’s work has been a significant influence on the Sistah Vegan Project’s ‘race-conscious’ approach to analyzing vegan praxis in the USA.