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Invest in Eliminating [Un]conscious Bias on UC Berkeley Campus


As some of you know, I started a new position at UC Berkeley in the Equity and Inclusion unit. I manage the Multicultural Education Program under Staff Diversity Initiatives. Today we are raising money to support the integration of equity, inclusion, and diversity into the the UC Berkeley community, via workshops, training, programming, etc. Integration is the operative term, as we cannot engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion as an ‘add-on’.

We also have training and workshop events such as learning about unconscious bias (i.e. that you may not consider yourself racist, but living in the USA in which systemic racism is the norm, one’s will be unconsciously affected by this and therefore, affect how we interact with one another.) as well as using intersectional approaches to understanding the Big 8 factors that affect why some do not feel safer or included within the UC Berkeley community (Big 8 are the most significant identity factors, here in the USA, in which discrimination is rooted in; i.e., race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, body type, religion).

Watch the 90 second video below and if you feel inspired to help my department bolster its impact, donate. I need the financial support from like minded people to help me do the critical race feminist based scholarship and activism I have been known for– but now I’ve expanded from ethical consumption to higher education.  Thanks for listening! (Took me a week to make this ‘short’ video). If you donate, Select the option Increase Diversity and Opportunity at Cal. Be sure to use the hashtag #berkeleystaffdiversity in the notes field so that the funds can go directly to our sub-unit, Staff Diversity Initiatives. You are investing in eliminating discrimination, whether conscious or unconscious, on the UC Berkeley campus (see report about Campus Climate that has really encouraged my sub-unit to do the ‘good’ work needed).

[ This fund raising challenges for the UC Berkeley Big Give Campaign ends at 9pm PST, November 19 2015, but after that, you can still give at our regular donation site here.]


About the Author and The Sistah Vegan Project

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. Harper currently manages the Staff Diversity Initiative’s Multicultural Education Program at UC Berkeley and is the founder of the Critical Diversity Solutions. Check her profile out on LinkedIn. Inquire about Dr. A. Breeze Harper lecturing or giving a workshop at your organization, school, or business.


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