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On Racial Macro-Aggressions and More: ‘It’s time to grow the fuck up and start bonding f

everybody just needs to get along plain and simple. Why make it more complicated than that? Race this, race that, blah blah blah, religion and borders and politicians divide us, when you see the big picture you will understand. Go out and hug someone no matter what they look like or their background, people are people, learn to love animals first though because they are the unvoiced ones that need our love. As for bashing people with confidence… come on now, really? Grow up people, it’s time to grow the fuck up and start bonding for the animals, not for us humans.  -Says the person who is annoyed with me (A. Breeze Harper) for opening up my heart about racial micro-aggressions while pregnant and trying to do both anti-racism and critical animal studies.

This was one of 121 comments to this video that I posted more than 4 years ago.

Have you ever poured your heart out about the macro or micro racial aggressions you have experienced? How it’s accumulated and caused you pain and suffering? After doing that, have you ever been told to ‘grow up’ or ‘Stop being a weak brain-washed negro?’ Have you been attacked from all sides when all you need is love, compassion, and understanding? With videos like the below, I have been contacted by many Black ‘conscious’ people who explain to me that I’m a brainwashed negro and need to ‘wake up’…I’ve been contacted by white people to stop playing the race card and grow the ‘fuck’ up.  Have you experienced this at all? I find it very un-loving and confusing, but that is just me. I can’t tell you how many times I have experienced this. And yes, when self-identified ‘conscious’ Black people tell me I’m ‘brainwashed’ for being so ‘weak’ to let white people ‘get to me’, I consider this a racial macro-aggression too for not being a certain type of ‘strong black woman’ for opening up my heart about my mental health as an anti-racism educator within vegan, mostly white, spaces. This isn’t micro-aggressive to me at all. These are flat out macro-aggressions and I always wonder if those who employ these tactics actually expect people like me to be ‘cured’ of whatever it is that they think is ailing me from being the ‘right’ type of Black person. I do the opposite. When I encounter these tactics, most of the time I just want to I run away or feel like I should be ashamed for being human with a big emotional heart.

I so suspect that a lot of these comments simply have to be trolls. Look at Northern Light below who commented less than 24 hours ago, in response to another white person. Seriously, this has to be a troll, right?


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