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On Sistah Vegan Earrings and Critical Vegan Dissertation/PhD Studies

As a way to raise money for my PhD/dissertation fund (my fellowship was not renewed for 2011-2012), vegan jewelry designer Charisma Big Cartel created 8 limited edition big circle Sistah Vegan earrings, which I’ll be mailing out to earring wearing folk who do the following: The first 8 people who donate $50 or more to my fund will receive these earrings. The Diameter is about 2.5 inches. I like big earrings, so that’s why they are big 🙂

I accept paypal donations via the email address breezeharper (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also click on the link on the upper right side that directs you to making a paypal donation. If you’re not comfortable with that, I can provide a mailing address.

The earrings are made out of very very light wood and earrings made by Charisma Big Cartel and drawn by Janine Jackson (artist for the cover of the Sistah Vegan book), both African American vegan women and awesome talented artists. I can sign the back of the earrings if you request.

As of June 27, 2011: Donated so far: $3600 Still needed: $6400. To learn more about my fundraising efforts and why your donation will help me get my PhD in critical vegan and critical race studies (with the goal of creating ways to engage in anti-racist veganism) please go here:

Best Breeze

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