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SisTot Vegans: Homemade Strawberry Hemp Seed Ice Cream

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Good tasting ice cream doesn’t have to be loaded with refined sugar or animal products and chemical fillers. And as a vegan, as much as I enjoy coconut based ice-cream, I often find them to be rather too low in protein, minerals, and nutrients for my children’s nutritional needs! Instead, i switch it up by makinh hemp seed based ice cream!

Hemp seeds are very nutritious, high in protein, fiber, and especially Omega 3-6-9. They are a super food that I give to my kids all the time. Hemp seeds are high in magnesium which is great to calm and relax– it’s also a great food to put into the diet of kids who are suffering from nightly leg cramps because of the high magnesium and other crucial minerals that can alleviate leg cramps.  I use dates to sweeten most of my ice creams and baked goods because it has a low glycemic index which makes it a healthier option as a sweetener over refine cane sugar..

Hulled hemp seeds

Hulled hemp seeds

Watch the video below to see one of many fun and nutritious possibilities with hemp seeds that your kids will love!


9 leveled tbsp of hulled hemp seeds (I use Organic hemp seeds from Nutiva)

2 Pints of Strawberries

1/4c of water 1/2 tsp of raw ground vanilla bean. 5-6 pitted dates (more if you want it to be sweeter; less if you want it to be less sweet)

1 tsbp of lecithin powder (as a natural emulsifier)


You will need a high quality blender to ground the hemp seeds finely and smoothly. I use a Vitamix.

Blend on highest setting for about 1 minute. Pour into ice cream machine. We use Cuisinart Brand.

Nutrition of 3 tbsp of hemp seeds provides this : 11g of protein; 174 Calories. 13.5 g of fat (1g is sat). 0 Cholesterol. 1 g of fiber. 16% RDA of Iron. 23% RDA of Zinc. 48% RDA of Phosphorous. 48% RDA of Magnesium.

 If you used 9 tbsp of hemp seeds, then your ice cream has about 33g of protein in it.  Pretty awesome. 


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