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The Best Vegan Mock Fish n Chips in San Francisco: Indochine new vegan restaurant in the Mission

Sistah Vegan’s Best of the SF Bay: Indochine Restaurant’s Vegan Fish n Chips.


Welcome to our new Sistah Vegan series: Sistah Vegan’s Best of the SF Bay. I will do video reviews of what I consider the best vegan treats in the area on a weekly basis. I’ll start getting really critical yet be appreciative as well. This means I’ll start asking how well employees are treated, how ethically are some ingredients sourced, did the vegan place come out of gentrified space, is accessible for people living with physical disabilities, is it easy to take your baby with you.

I do a 30 second review of “Feast n Chips” dish at the new IndoChine Vegan restaurant in San Francisco. This dish is a vegan version of “fish n chips” . IndoChine is at Valencia St. and 16th in the Mission.  Excellent. I kept on telling my husband that this tasted like how I remember fish used to taste. Everything was fresh and yummy. The Bathroom was beautiful and clean. I need to have an immaculate bathroom with a visit a restaurant. We had two other dishes wish I posted below as well.


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